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Get Your California Seller’s Permit Online

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Register online with us and get your California seller’s permit to start collecting taxes.

Follow an Easy and Quick Process to Get Started

Fill up a Questionnaire

Start the process by filling out a simple web questionnaire where you will be required to provide some basic details about your business.

We Will File Your Documents

You can focus on your other business projects and meanwhile we will file your business formation documents with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

Get Your Seller’s Permit Online

As soon as the California tax department approves your documents, we will notify you and send you a soft copy of your seller’s permit via email.
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Benefits of a Seller’s Permit in California

A seller’s permit benefits you in many ways:

  1. Allows you to collect taxes on taxable goods and services
  2. Collect taxes at wholesale and retail levels
  3. Issue resale certificates to your suppliers
  4. Avoid fines and penalties
  5. Access wholesale discounts easily

A business requires to obtain a seller’s permit even for undertaking its operations for a temporary period of time.

Why Choose Us

We house a team of legal professionals who can help you get on board with your business operations. Their expertise and experience will help you get your seller’s permits in a timely manner.
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Easy Process

We provide a simple process that you can easily follow without any confusion. From online registration, filing documents, and receiving your seller’s permit online, everything is streamlined.

Legal Team

At Ezee Filings, we have a team of legal experts who have direct contact with California's tax department and hence, ensure proper filing of your business documents.


We are transparent with our process. You will be provided with all the details related to your business with clarity and understanding. Our customer service executives are available from Monday to Saturday to clear all your doubts.

No Hidden charges

100 % Security

Ezee Filings never compromise with the security part. We keep your confidential information safe in our secure database and ensure absolutely no kind of violation. We offer 100 % trustworthy services.

Start Your Business Operations in California With a Seller’s Permit

This Is What Our Customers Say About Our Services

I was actually worried about the hectic process of getting my license and these guys helped me with their amazing services. The entire team is professional. I got my seller’s permit quickly without stepping out of my house. Thanks so much!
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~ Jack Martin
Operational Manager (San Jose, CA)
Thank you so much for sending me my EIN number and seller’s permit online. Could not have asked for a better process and such professional customer service.
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~ Jane Rose
Designer (San Diego, CA)
Had a great time taking their service. I got my seller’s permit from here and have to say that the whole process was quick and professional. Thank you Ezee Filings!
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~ Michael Homes
Designer (San Jose, CA)

Do I Need a California Seller’s Permit?

If you sell or lease merchandise or other tangible properties in California, then yes, you do need a California seller’s permit to report and collect sales taxes. Even for carrying out temporary business operations, you need a seller’s permit.

How Do I Apply for a Seller’s Permit With Ezee Filings?

The process is easy. Just fill out your application online and provide all your basic details. As soon as you successfully submit your application, our team of legal experts will contact you and guide you about the entire process. We will then file all your business formation documents and submit them to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. Upon official approval by the department, we will send you a soft copy of your seller’s permit via email. That’s how the entire process is.

What’s the Cost of a California Seller’s Permit?

Ezee Filings charge $129 to help you get your California seller’s permit at your doorstep. The official registration with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration will cost you somewhere around $10- $100 depending upon the guidelines.

What Are the Benefits of a Wholesale License?

Also known as a wholesale license, a seller’s permit is advantageous in many ways: It allows you to collect sales taxes at wholesale and retail levels It allows you to issue resale certificates to your suppliers and get discounts It protects you from fines and penalties It allows you to access wholesale discounts

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